26 03 2024

Value Chain Initiative (VCI): Collaborating for seamless CO₂ transport and storage infrastructure

We are excited to share one of the latest developments from the Aramis team, the newly launched Value Chain Initiative (VCI). A strategic framework that unites key stakeholders in the Aramis CCS value chain.

The VCI represents a collaborative effort among the parties involved in the Aramis project. Our collective goal is to seamlessly deliver the necessary infrastructure facilities for efficient CO2 transport and storage. The following organisations participate in the VCI:

Asset Operator
Porthos Compressor Station Porthos System Operator
Onshore Terminal CO2Next
Aramis Trunkline (incl. D-HUBN) Aramis Joint Team
Offshore Store L4 TotalEnergies (launch marketeer)
Offshore Store K14 Shell
Offshore Store L10 Eni Energy

Value Chain Initiative Participants

The VCI participants share connected and integrated systems (hardware and software). These must be developed as one if we are to meet the overall system performance levels expected by the shippers and store operators in order to facilitate their operations and business.

VCI waardeketen

Aramis Value Chain Schematic Overview

In the spirit of a large-scale, open-access CO2 transport infrastructure, the signatory companies of this initiative acknowledge that the VCI is a collaborative network committed to effective project delivery. A set of common principles around collaboration, deliverables and coherence will be codified in a value chain charter, which all participants will sign off on.

The Aramis joint team, acting on behalf of the Aramis partners (Gasunie, EBN, TTE and Shell), will play a pivotal role. The team will coordinate workgroups and consolidate data shared by VCI participants and serve as the connector between the VCI members, thereby solidifying the position of the Aramis partners as key players across the entire launch phase value chain.

The VCI has been divided into various workstreams and working groups, which are now operational. Each working group has a specific set of deliverables aimed at generating consensus and driving progress. The overarching goal of the VCI is clear: to create and present a cohesive plan for the development of a large-scale CCS value chain. By involving multiple stakeholders, we will ensure that our approach is robust, efficient and aligned with sustainability objectives.

Thank you to all partners for being part of our journey towards a sustainable and interconnected CO2 transport infrastructure.