Are you looking for a storage location for your CO₂?

Companies that want to capture CO2 for permanent geological storage often ask the Aramis partnership how they can become a customer. The Aramis partnership does not store CO2, but provides a transport and compression service to Shippers (sometimes called Marketeers). The role of these Shippers is to offer a combined transport and storage service to their customers. The Aramis partnership is working together with the Shippers listed below. So if you are looking for a CO2 storage location, you can contact them directly.


Neptune L10 Carbon Storage
Contact: Stephen Highfield
Telephone: +44 752 153 1897

Shell Offshore Carbon Storage NL (SOCS NL)
Contact: Julia Dubinina
Telephone: +44 779 984 6158
Website: Shell Offshore Carbon Storage NL

TotalEnergies Equity Marketing
Contact: Job van Leeuwen
Telephone: +31 6 211 72 741
Website: Total Energies CCS

Wintershall Dea Carbon Management Solutions (WD CMS)
Contact: Rik Komduur
Telephone: +31 6 575 19 473

Launch Marketeer
The Launch Marketeer is a joint initiative of Shell and TotalEnergies to market a 5 Mtpa launching volume. The Launch Marketeer is in the process of contracting launching customers to fill this volume. If you would like to get in touch with the Launch Marketeer, you can contact Marnix Sap or Boudewijn Reniers at:

New Shippers for the Aramis project
If you are planning to develop a CO2 storage location and you want to become a Shipper for the Aramis project, please contact us at:


Aramis aims to realizing a transport infrastructure allowing the industrial sector to transport CO₂ and store it in depleted gas fields under the North Sea. Aramis has established a specification for the CO₂ to be fed into the envisaged transport infrastructure. This specification aims to ensure the non-corrosivity of the CO₂ mixture under normal, transient and upset conditions.