A major step towards meeting decarbonisation goals.

Ambitious objectives require ambitious approaches. To meet the goals set by the Dutch Climate Agreement and the European Union’s Green Deal, it is essential to take great strides to reduce CO₂ emissions at scale to contribute to the energy transition.

The Aramis project, a collaboration between TotalEnergies, Shell, Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) and Gasunie, aims to make a significant contribution to the energy transition by reducing CO₂ emissions for the hard-to-abate industries.

It will do this by offering a decarbonisation solution for the industrial sectors by enabling the transport of CO₂ to depleted offshore gas fields under the North Sea.


The climate is rapidly changing. The Paris Agreement has set targets to cap carbon emissions so that global warming is limited to 1.5 C or lower. However, the scale of decarbonisation required to meet this within the stipulated time will not be easy to achieve.

Increased atmospheric CO₂ raises the global temperature, the effects of which are felt unevenly across the world. While industrialised countries emit far more CO₂, developing nations tend to bear most of the impact. Developed countries must therefore accelerate their decarbonisation and transition to low-carbon energy.

Capturing and storing CO₂ (Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)) underground can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Studies by the IPCC and the IEA indicate that CO₂ storage is temporarily necessary to enable the development of new, affordable sustainable solutions.

Industrial areas in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany have significant carbon emission footprints. At the same time, they form clusters with good access to water transport routes, presenting opportunities for developing an integrated carbon capture and storage infrastructure in this region.

Many businesses aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. Aramis wants to support these ambitions by providing CO₂ transport to unlock storage capacity for parties that seek emissions reduction by means of CCS at scale.

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Collaboration is crucial to develop CO₂-reduction at the scale required.

Aramis is a public-private partnership between the state-owned corporations Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) and Gasunie, and the private companies TotalEnergies and Shell.

The project will bring together each partner’s technical expertise, experience, and knowledge of CCS to deliver a decarbonisation solution for our customers.

This collaboration will help establish a strong foundation in the Netherlands upon which to develop and operate a large-scale CO₂ transport infrastructure to unlock storage capacity, safely and securely. The collaboration is subject to regulatory approvals.