26 03 2024

The people behind Aramis

In this newsletter, we provide further insight into the project organisation by highlighting our colleagues at FEED partner Petrofac. The Aramis FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) is a multifaceted endeavour comprising several critical components: an onshore and an offshore pipeline, a tunnel, a platform and the L4A spurline.

Our FEED team is a powerhouse of talent. Six engineers stationed at Petrofac’s Woking (UK) offices, backed by an additional eight engineers, are driving our project forward. There is also vital support from Peritus (offshore pipelines), Offshore Independents BV (tunnel and onshore pipeline) and Arup (tunnel). The team’s collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication ensure that our selected design will be competitively tendered, setting the stage for an informed final investment decision. The pace is brisk, fuelled by a can-do culture. Challenges are met head-on, with collaboration being the special ingredient.

FEED is our compass. Here is why it matters:

  1. Competitive Scopes: Maturing FEED before engineering procurement and construction (EPC) tendering ensures our scopes are highly competitive.
  2. Risk Reduction: By addressing potential issues early, we minimise re-work during execution.
  3. CAPEX/OPEX Edge: Our streamlined approach enhances competitiveness in terms of cost and efficiency.
  4. Schedule Certainty: FEED sets the stage for a well-planned timeline.
  5. Confidence Boost: Our shared goal is to deliver a safe, reliable and operable transport system.

Collaboration for success
The Aramis FEED team is actively collaborating with key stakeholders. Together, we are shaping a design that ticks all the boxes:

  1. Safety First: Our paramount goal is to create a design that is safe to operate.
  2. Operational Excellence: We are ensuring the design meets operational performance requirements.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: All regulatory and company requirements are being meticulously addressed.
  4. System Integration: The design will seamlessly integrate with Porthos, CO2next and the respective stores—whether via the DHUB platform or the inline structures.
  5. Technology Maturation: We are addressing the output of all technology maturation areas.
  6. Timely Construction: The design can be constructed during the 2027 installation season.
  7. Competitive Edge: Our solution remains market competitive.

Our commitment to transparency and reliability drives us forward, and our diligent efforts have resulted in more than 800 FEED documents. From safety protocols to operational blueprints, every aspect is covered.

Our FEED team is not working in isolation—it is a true collaborative effort. Alongside our dedicated engineers, we have robust support from other committed engineers as well as various Aramis teams, including project controls and permits.

The people behind aramis

Front row (from left to right): James & Elaine
Second row: Joop, Thomas, Annemarie, Edgar, Carlos, Gawain
Absent: Navid, Vikram, Arjan, Pratik, Olav, Jos, Oliver, Marijn, Mark