03 04 2023

Marketing of released Transport & Storage capacity Aramis phase I

Last year, more than 20 potential customers expressed genuine interest in wanting to team up with Aramis to become launching customers for the first 5 Mtpa of CO₂ to be transported and stored in offshore gas fields under the North Sea.

The transport and storage capacity is developed and offered to interested parties by the Joint Marketeers Shell & TotalEnergies. This Joint Marketing approach by Shell and TotalEnergies was greenlighted by the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) in June 2022.

As the demand from the 20 interested parties exceeded the available 5 Mtpa of CO2 capacity, a non-discriminatory selection procedure was developed to rank and select the launching customers.

In August 2022, the Joint Marketeers signed a total of 9 Heads of Terms (HoTs) with potential customers. While these HoTs are non-binding, they lay down the principles for the Fully Termed Agreements and contain an exclusivity clause in return for a provisional capacity reservation.

The 5 Mtpa, together with the possible extra capacity of third-party storage operators and the completed Concept Select studies, form the basis for the FEED studies that will commence this summer.

Some launching capacity was recently released. This limited remaining capacity (around 0.3 to 0.5 Mtpa) will be offered by the Aramis Joint Marketeers to interested parties in accordance with the procedure established last year.

Process & Timing

  1. Interested Customers can contact the Joint Marketeers either directly or via the e-mail address: info@aramis-ccs.com.
  2. Signing of standardized Confidentiality Agreement
  3. Exchange of information to confirm intentions, project maturity and schedule of the interested party
  4. Upon confirmation, standardized HoT (non-binding/exclusive) will be issued
  5. Emitters wanting to be considered need to sign the HoT before close of business 15 May 2023
  6. The selection is expected to take place between 22-25 May with selection criteria as per the selection procedure used in 2022. The selection criteria can be shared as part of step 4 of this process.
  7. Countersigning of the HoT with the selected customer(s) by the Joint Marketeer is expected 26 May 2023
  8. Transport & Storage (bundled) declaration and accompanying report will subsequently be issued to those selected. These can be used in support of the SDE++2023 subsidy application
  9. SDE++ 2023 round starts 6 June 2023