09 12 2022

Aramis marked as energy project of national importance

On 2 December 2022, the Dutch government added the Aramis project to its multi-year energy and climate infrastructure programme (Meerjarenprogramma Infrastructuur Energie en Klimaat – MIEK). This means Aramis is now a designated project of national importance.

The Dutch government has stated that projects included in the MIEK are key to future energy provision in the Netherlands. Aside from Aramis, which will create key infrastructure for transporting CO2 to storage sites under the North Sea, other new additions to the MIEK include initiatives involved in landing offshore wind power and projects engaged in the construction of terminals for the import and transit of hydrogen in Rotterdam-Moerdijk and the North Sea Canal area. The fourteen projects now included in the MIEK are significantly important for achieving climate targets.

Aramis MIEK

Major energy projects supported by the Dutch government

Aramis makes major contribution
The initiators of the Aramis project are delighted with the government’s decision. Joep Sweyen, public affairs advisor at Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) for the Aramis project, says: ‘It confirms that the government perceives the Aramis project to be of national importance. And it signifies that our transport and storage of CO2 will make a significant and essential contribution towards reducing CO₂ emissions for hard-to-abate industries. The decision also provides the necessary impetus for further developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the Netherlands.’

Sweyen explains that five projects – Aramis, Porthos, Delta Corridor, Carbon Connect Delta and H-vison – are now directly or indirectly active in creating CO₂ storage capacity. He concludes: ‘With this decision, the government has clearly demonstrated its commitment to working with the initiators of Aramis to ensure the successful and timely realisation of the project. Of course, we are absolutely thrilled by the news.’

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