15 02 2024

Aramis preferred option for CO₂ storage and trunkline routing determined by minister

Dutch Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Jetten has determined the preferred option (VKA) for the Aramis project infrastructure and offshore trunkline routing. The decision marks an important step towards implementing the largest CCS project in North-West Europe.

Careful consideration of public interests and preconditions
The preferred option is an outline design that optimally considers all public interests along with a range of preconditions. Prior to the decision, a comprehensive integrated analysis was performed for the various options and variants. This included aspects such as safety, technical feasibility, environmental impact, future viability, costs and spatial integration. The minister, in consultation with all the relevant authorities and the wider stakeholder community, established the preferred option based on the analysis.

Foundation for spatial planning decision and permits
Establishment of the preferred option serves as the foundation for the spatial planning decision and the permits and therefore marks a significant milestone for the Aramis project. The project team is delighted and has now started the next phase involving the first permit applications and further elaboration of the design.

Submitting the first batch of permit applications represents the start of the formal approval process for the construction and operation of Aramis. By mid-2024, we should see draft permits published and the start of a six-week public consultation exercise. During that period, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Aramis and the project partners will organise an information event.

The minister’s decision underscores the joint commitment of public authorities, project partners and other stakeholders to complete the Aramis project on time. CO2 storage under the North Sea will make a key contribution to large-scale decarbonisation for hard-to-abate industries.

You can read more about the establishment of the preferred option and the Aramis project at https://www.rvo.nl/onderwerpen/bureau-energieprojecten/lopende-projecten/aramis (in Dutch).

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