12 12 2023

European Commission supports Aramis CCS-infrastructure development in The Netherlands

The European Commission (EC) has proposed to grant the Aramis CCS-project a subsidy of 124 MEUR. The public-private partners of the Aramis CCS-project aim to develop an open access CO2 transport infrastructure that enables large-scale CO2-storage and industrial CO2 emission reduction. This Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) grant will contribute to the financial investment in this energy transition infrastructure. With this CEF-grant, the European Commission recognizes contribution of the Aramis CCS-infrastructure project to the decarbonization of industries within the EU.

EU contribution
The Aramis CCS-project acknowledges the financial support proposed by the European Commission. "The decision by the European Commission is another necessary step for the envisaged CCS infrastructure development in the Netherlands," said Programme Director Annemarie Manger. "The CEF-grant should contribute to more cost-effective development of the intended cross-border CCS-value chain, supporting the optimization of tariffs intended to the benefits of European industries, which are the end users of the system, and the European and Dutch climate targets for 2030."