06 06 2024

CO2next project achieves important milestones for developing crucial CO₂ infrastructure

CO2next aims to build a liquid CO₂ terminal at the Maasvlakte in the port of Rotterdam, that can be used by customers not connected to a CO₂ pipeline to ship liquid CO₂. Therefore, the terminal will be a critical piece of CO₂ infrastructure which can be leveraged as part of the CCS chain. The technical feasibility and development of such CCS chain is jointly explored with the Aramis CCS project, to which the terminal is connected.

This marks another significant step towards the Carbon Capture and Storage facilities needed for European decarbonization, essential for achieving its climate targets.

We look forward to jointly grow and strengthen the CO₂ infrastructure.

Find the CO2next news item here: https://bit.ly/CO2nextphase

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